Torah Covers

Torah mantles, or torah covers, may be necessary to protect the torah scrolls, but they also serve as a major decorative element of a sanctuary’s interior. When the ark (aron kodesh) is opened, the torahs should glow, both spiritually and visually. You will hear an intake of breath from your congregation as they are moved by the beauty of the torah covers.

All of our torah covers are made to order, so that the sizes and designs will be a perfect fit. All are made with wooden yokes, beautiful linings, and openings in the back for easy access. Hand-turned wooden rings for the top of the mantle are also available. A variety of torah binder styles are available, as well as photo transferred or embroidered dedications. We also create bima and lectern covers, bein gavrahs, and Shabbat tablecloths.

Whether we are making one mantle for a family, or a set of fourteen for a synagogue, our attention to detail is paramount.