About Us

Margery and Eli Langner are fiber artists specializing in Judaica.

Margery attended Parson’s School of Design and received certificates in interior design and graphic design. She has also carved many sculptures in stone, wood, and plexiglass, and has blown glass in the Urban Glass studio in Brooklyn, NY. After working in an advertising agency, she and Eli married in 1989 and founded Original Design/Custom Judaica. Margery’s current creative pastime is weaving on a floor loom.

Eli attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is also a sculptor, painter, and writer.

As a couple, we have had the pleasure of creating Judaic fiber art since 1989, and feel honored to have helped synagogues fulfill hiddur mitzvah, the beautification of ritual objects, for their congregations.

We are very humbled to be the conduit for congregations, families and individuals in the creation of ritual objects such as huppot, tallitot, bris pillows, and family trees, and celebration wall hangings. Whether used by synagogues or families, these artworks are imbued with meaning and memories with the passing of time, and thus become heirlooms. It gives us great joy that our art becomes part of so many simchas and rituals, and can help connect purpose with beauty.