Hartford Artisans Weaving Center

The Hartford Artisans Weaving Center is a non-profit that preserves, promotes, and teaches the craft of hand-weaving.

They run a unique artisan program that teaches weaving to people who are blind, visually-impaired, and anyone 55 and older.

They worked with a synagogue in Connecticut on a project to create hand woven torah covers. The director of the weaving center, the designer of the woven fabric, the weaver of the fabric, the synagogue and CustomJudaica collaborated, planned, and measured for a year and a half to to bring this fantastic, one of a kind project to fruition. The fabric is woven in a structure called “double weave”, and the yarn was all cotton. The colors were beautiful and vibrant. Many weavers are afraid to cut into their woven fabric, but Margery of CustomJudaica, is also a weaver, and this project was a delightful challenge. The woven fabric was also used to create torah binders.

A set of hand-woven torah cover with warm colors
A set of four needlepoint torah covers, with nature scenes

Blue Needlepoint Project

A project that a synagogue had been working on for quite some time, that we completed with creative problem solving.

A set of burgundy needlepoint torah covers, with geometric decorations

Burgundy Needlepoint Project

A project in which we beautifully incorporated the customer’s needlework into perfectly sized, finished torah covers.

a set of white torah covers with golden leaves

Leaf Panorama Torah Covers

A project for an artist who was designing a set of torah covers for her synagogue, but did not have the construction skills to make her design into fabric covers.

a set of colorful, woven mylar torah covers

Mylar Woven Torah Covers

A well-known artist from NYC had the idea of weaving Mylar balloons found on the beaches into fabric that would then be turned into torah covers.

a set of colorful miniature torah covers

Miniature Torah Covers

A man who collects torahs searched far and wide for a working miniature torah. After finally locating and acquiring one, it became his “travel torah.”