Hand Held Huppah

There’s no such things as a Jewish wedding without a huppah. The huppah creates a sacred space for the wedding to take place. Jewish law says the only requirement of a huppah is that it be a temporary structure, open on all sides. So, from a creative standpoint, anything is possible! It can be hand held or freestanding. It can be any design, color, and size, with or without Judaic content. Although our specialty is custom designs, we also have some “stock designs” that can be made in your choice of colors at no additional charge.

Our huppahs can be displayed after the ceremony at the reception, and are meant to be used as wall hangings in the home after the wedding. Your huppah instantly becomes a family heirloom, imbued with those special memories of your wedding day.

There are many ways for couples and families to personalize a huppah. We can tell the story of your relationship in images, you can give us photographs and family fabrics to include, you can ask your family and friends to contribute their creativity in the making of the huppah by sending in contributions, and so much more. There’s no limit to what we can create for you.

Hand held styles start at 4′ x 4′ sizes and can be as large as 7′ x 7′. Wooden poles are also available for purchase in short or long lengths. We can offer suggestions as to how your florist can make this freestanding, if desired, on the day of the wedding. However, a hand held huppah is a great way to honor four members of your wedding party. When the family huppah is handed down in your family, we can add the new couple’s names and wedding date to document the newest simcha.