Blue Needlepoint Project

We were contacted by a synagogue’s sisterhood president describing a needlepoint project they had been working on for quite some time.

The canvasses were still unfinished, and had been made without any thought to the actual size needed to transform them into torah covers although that was the intention from the beginning of the needle work project.

When the canvases were completed, we received quite a mess.

The canvases were unblocked, skewed and out of shape, and, there was not enough stitched area needed to make into torah covers.

We were able to successfully complete the project with some creative problem solving, and no one would have guessed that it wasn’t planned expertly from the inception of the project.

A set of needlepoint torah covers, with nature scenes
A set of burgundy needlepoint torah covers, with geometric decorations

Burgundy Needlepoint Project

A project in which we beautifully incorporated the customer’s needlework into perfectly sized, finished torah covers.

a set of white torah covers with golden leaves

Leaf Panorama Torah Covers

A project for an artist who was designing a set of torah covers for her synagogue, but did not have the construction skills to make her design into fabric covers.

a set of white torah covers with shards decorations

Shards High Holiday Torah Covers

An architect, who was instrumental in helping renovate his synagogue, contacted us to help manifest his vision for torah covers.

a set of colorful, woven mylar torah covers

Mylar Woven Torah Covers

A well-known artist from NYC had the idea of weaving Mylar balloons found on the beaches into fabric that would then be turned into torah covers.

a set of colorful miniature torah covers

Miniature Torah Covers

A man who collects torahs searched far and wide for a working miniature torah. After finally locating and acquiring one, it became his “travel torah.”