Custom Tallitot and Bags

A new tallit is a joy, especially when it is made just for you. Whether you’re to be a b’nai mitzvah, or have outgrown your bar or bat mitzvah tallit’s style, your new prayer shawl can be made to express who you are now.

A tallit can be personalized with family fabrics, photographs of ancestors, or it can be a sophisticated and timeless piece.

Our ready-to-wear collection for women is a unique all lace prayer shawl  called “Ta-Lace”. It is available in three styles and offers a feminine and classic look for women. We also carry hard to find petite sizes.

Tallit bags are also available. They can be a simple “envelope” style, or custom designed for that special occasion. All of our work can be personalized.

We also have  tallitot for weddings! The beautiful Sephardic tradition of wrapping the bridal couple in a tallit during the ceremony can be made even more meaningful by having it custom designed and personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date.


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